Family Bibles

Family Bibles re-unites families and family historians with lost family bibles recording some of the births, marriages and deaths in their families

I was saddened by some of the sales of old family bibles.  I read comments such as "I am selling my grandmother's family bible because we are not religious". What's that about?  I felt I wanted to step in and try and trace interested families to re-home the bibles. 

I don't try to make silly profits, enough to keep it going.  I don't buy high end bibles, nor do I enter into excessive competitions with other bidders on e-Bay.  If some else is bidding I will usually drop out at a low price as I don't want to push up the auction price to them.  I don't want to make the hobby more expensive for anyone.

I have been doing my own family's history since around 1976, when my father asked me to find out who his own father was.  It led us on a wonderful trail meeting many people from all over the world, and close to home.

You can see some of my research on my family history website at  You can see my e-Bay approval ratings by looking for the Wadsley Books online shop on e-Bay. 

(These family bibles are not being sold through e-Bay, though payments can be  processed through Pay-Pay for our mutual security.  Otherwise we can do a cheque.)

If you want to ask me any question, or ask me to ring you, please send me a message on the Contact Form page.  That will send me an email and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Best wishes

Ian Lucraft